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This page is in Finnish, because my cover and troubadour gigs take place in my homeland. But to all those, who are interested in my music, here’s a little summary.


  • Viljo ”Vili” Rantanen
  • 29.8.1982
  • Hometown Tampere
  • Born in Äetsä

I’m a half professional musician, which feels good. I don’t have to make my whole living out of music, but what I love brings me some income. I don’t have to ”sell myself”, but I can honestly say I like what I do. No matter if it’s a cover show in a nightclub or a one man gig in a living room.

My philosophy is ”emotion over technique”. I’m not the greatest player or singer, but I’ve given a lot to music during the years. I hope you can hear it and see it. I enjoy performing and playing, but the most important thing for me is to create music of my own.

So, these pages exist mainly to make my music available to as many as possible. That feels much more important than ”breakthrough”, especially when thinking about the current state of music business.


My own songs have mostly been heard from my heavy metal bands. Teräsbetoni has obviously been the most visible of them, but my past years band Burning Winter is not to be forgotten, not to mention our current lineup All Rise.

I’ve published songs of different styles by my own name too. You can find them in YouTube, iTunes, Spotify e.g. In addition to band work, it’s refreshing to make music alone too; not being dependent on others, but you can ask help from whomever you want.


Teräsbetoni was most active in 2005-2011. True metal with Finnish lyrics was something totally new. We made four albums, sold platinum, went to Eurovision Song Contest and played hundreds of gigs. I wrote 14 published songs for Teräsbetoni. The most famous one sold gold and was called Taivas Lyö Tulta.


All Rise is a proof that heavy metal is a true love and the story continues, no matter wether the circles are bigger or smaller. Great music, tolerable guys. All Rise was born in 2013. The most recent work, ”Burn With Me” single came out summer 2017.

All Rise can be found in, Facebook and YouTube.


Burning Winter is / was my extremely own heavy band, whose roots are in Äetsä cellars in late 90’s. Burning Winter was more or less active until the successful demo release in 2013. After that I was sorry to lay it to rest after the lineup wasn’t able to stay active enough.

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